Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a Chemical compound comprised of Carbon and Oxygen. At ‎temperatures higher than -78.8°C, Carbon Dioxide sublimes as it cannot exist as a liquid at ‎standard atmospheric pressure. However, at temperatures below -78.8°C, Carbon Dioxide ‎can exist as a solid, known as Dry Ice, at normal atmospheric pressure. Carbon Dioxide is a ‎colorless, odorless, and non-flammable gas that is heavier than air and soluble in Water. ‎Carbon dioxide is considered a greenhouse gas because it helps traps heat in the ‎atmosphere. Without it, and other gases, the Earth would be frozen.‎‎

Carbon dioxide is produced by:‎
The burning of fossil fuels produces carbon Dioxide. Through the use of carbon capture ‎technologies, the carbon dioxide is then separated from the other gases produced in the ‎processes. After the Carbon Dioxide is captured and purified, it is then transported to ‎suitable storage sites.‎‎

Some Applications of Carbon dioxide:

      ⦿ Refrigerant
      ⦿ Freezing applications
      ⦿ Manufacturing Industry Applications
      ⦿ Petroleum Industry Processes
      ⦿ Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Processes
      ⦿ Food and Beverage
      ⦿ Medical Uses
      ⦿ Miscellaneous uses


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