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Cylinder Clusters as a gas solution to avoid interruption in process which takes place due to frequent change of single cylinder at customer's end. High purity clusters are designed for Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen gas consisting of 16 & 20 cylinders with common outlet pressure gauge which indicates the cluster pressure. SIGAS clusters are filled with pressure 2000 psi. Clusters are also designed for industrial grade gases like Oxygen, Argon, Acetylene,Nitrogen,Hydrogen,Helium,co2 etc.

Cluster Manifold

Manifold is used to fabricate clusters .It is made of High Pressure Copper tube (300 bars) and brass Connections. It connects all the cylinders to a common outlet valve of CGA 580 ( Nitrogen Valve). Either the entire 20 cylinder can be opened at the same time or can be used by single cylinder by closing the other cylinder valves.

Carbon Dioxide Clusters

Acetylene clusters

Oxygen clusters

Nitrogen Clusters